by Jason Lee 31/11/2022

What should you avoid on your website for SEO?

The basic philosophy of SEO is to raise the PageRank. If so, what are the factors hindering that rise? If you are a Web Developer who builds WebSite, and if you need SEO, there are certain things you must consider.

1. redirection page

Redirection is a technology that automatically redirects the screen to another specific page when a user accesses a specific page. When the search engine accesses the page, the first screen will be classified as a normal page, but when a real user accesses the page, it can be automatically moved to an illegal screen. In order to inform Search Engine for normal redirection, you need to inform the 301 Code internally. Redirection that does not use 301 Code is one factor that lowers your website's Ranking score.

2. link manipulation

The World Wide Web called WWW is basically hyperlink-centered, and the technology arose and developed. Although the detailed mechanism is different, almost all search engines, not just Google, collect website information around such links, It is also used a lot in determining website ranking. Using this, if you receive any payment in the form of providing a link, it should be displayed as an advertisement link, not a pure link. It would be a violation of Google's guidelines for disguising an advertised link as a pure link (technically, you must use rel="sponsored" to indicate that the link is an advertisement) to influence Page Rank. Google detects the sale of links through technology that detects paid links and reports. Even if the rank of a page is raised using this trick, if users access the website and view the contents, they will probably have a big question as to how they got to such a high rank with such poor content. Eventually it will lead to damage to the company's image and trust will of course be lost.



3. Cloaking

Cloaking is about enticing people to hide certain intentions on the Page, and then executing those hidden intentions. For example, let Google Search Engine search for keywords of particular interest. It could be a keyword about a popular drama or celebrity these days. They use those search results to lure people to their home page and then actually show other content on the page. I searched for news in Google keywords, but illegal videos can be shown on the actual page. Depending on whether the actual connected user is a human or a Google bot, the content is displayed differently on the screen. If our website is unintentionally used illegally for this purpose, page initialization and indexing initialization are required.

PageRank를 떨어뜨리는 클로킹

4. hidden text

You can make the font size very small so that it is not visible on the screen but only visible to the Google engine, or put keywords in white text on a white background. How much will the ranking go up by doing this? Although it is a small factor for ranking up, it is a very large factor for losing points due to rules violation, so this trick should be avoided.

Hidden text dropping PageRank

5. Contents Copy

It is a strategy to greatly increase the amount of content on the page by pasting the content copied from multiple websites as it is. When Google collects content, indexes it and presents it to people, what each website wants (we're not free from Google Search Engine anyway, so we have to take a good look at their intentions and mechanisms), the company that runs the website We hope to produce content that will help people in that field. New contents are not new contents created by new intellectuals, and if existing contents are copied and used as they are, any advanced contents to benefit people are not included in the contents. Therefore, it is fundamentally not favored by Google Search Engine, and of course the risk of copyright infringement is very high.