seven whale.

Two words about our company

We help people make valuable website

Mission Statement : Help the website do its role as a marketer.

As a company that develops and provides a website,
we want to be a company that provides a strategy that allows the website to be used well for client' business. Of course, the strategy of the shopping mall and the website of the accounting business should be different. The strategy of the shopping mall is to accurately convey the information of the product and make it easy to purchase, The purpose of the accounting firm's website is to provide accurate information at the right time, and to make people visit the office.

A website is clearly one of many online marketing methods. Although there are many online marketing such as social marketing, email marketing, YouTube marketing, and post marketing of various communities, And I can't guarantee that the homepage is far superior to other marketing tools, but I think it should be the central axis of other things. If you think about e-mail marketing or social marketing, consumers who hear the news of a series of events eventually visit the website, they actually purchases the product or service or decides to entrust the company's work. But how can we make a website that just fades like that? SEVEN WHALE will take root on the ground of the Internet and spread branches one by one, and such websites will gather to form a dense forest, providing fresh air to visitors who visit the website.