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How is your WEBSITE going?

Your homepage is your online marketer which is responsible for your company's brand image 24 hours a day.
Nevertheless, unfortunately many homepages end up falling between the cracks.
Perhaps it is because your homepage is not functioning properly as a marketer.
Now, you need to check whether the information on the website is what your customer needs to know. if the page is slow to load, it may feel like your company's business processing is also slow If your website doesn't project a sophisticated image, it will rather hinder the building of trust with potential customers. In the end, websites that people don't visit are ineffective and forgotten. Allow me to make your company's website an effective marketing tool.

What is a good website for SevenWhale?

It should be able to create trust with your customers. Customer trust is ultimately built when you can provide answers to customer questions, Your customers use search engine such as Google to find what they want to know. First of all, SEO should be used to help SearchEngine to collect good quality of information from your homepage, and more customer can visit your website through it. Second, your homepage should be able to give valuable information, great impression with good quality design, and give fast page loading speed and convenient functions to create the the fascinate impression of your company to help them make a decision to purchase your product and service.

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Website Development

First, Homepage should be able to give the information what your customer want to know.
Contents of page should be good enough quality that can help visitor based on keyword which search engine want to find

SevenWhale creates high quality contents through the following five steps.
  • 1. Analysis Business : We analysis the features and purposes
  • 2. Choose Keywords : We select valuable keyword through the cooperation with marketing expert(SEO Option)
  • 3. Analysis competitors : Analyze keywords and content used by competitors in the top ranking in your business area and your region(SEO Option)
  • 4. Create contents : Write contents to deliver to your customers
  • 5. Choose Design : We select the best design that can support contents and keywords.

Second, Simple&Modern Design.
Content should not be overlooked in the showy design and design should not be outdated.
And we choose a simple and modern design because a clean image determines the first impression and it is connected with customer trust.
Design is not colorful make up for us. Our design is to make skin health to emphasize the contents.
For us, design isn't just a glamorous makeup technique. The web design we chose is a basic skin that allows the content to stand out.

SevenWhale pursues Simple and Modern Design.

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before&after homepage rebuild

Third, page loading speed is the core.
If page takes an extra second to load, more 10% of visitor will leave your homepage.
In addition, Search Engine cannot use indefinite time to gather information from one site.
So, fast loading speed is an essential SEO strategy that can provide search engines with more information in less time.

SevenWhale develops without using Wordpress or Wix to ensure high speed. SevenWhale uses AWS Cloud for system reliability.

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page loading speed before homepage reconstruction
page loading speed after homepage reconstruction

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Focus on the original role of the website

Right Way

Without using any tricks to raise the website's ranking, By following the guidelines of Search Engine, Seeking a degree of long-term perspective.


A study on the mechanism of a search engine that always changes with the passage of time, A study on the keywords that people demand at that time, A study on the change in design trends.

Web Development Price

Standard WebSite

Use my website to promote the brand image with basic SEO(the natural influx of customers)

A$2,000 ~

  • Business Analysis (Standard)
  • Page Structure (Standard)
  • Speed Architecture
  • Modern Design Layout
  • Reconstruct exist site
    +Free Audit

Standard Website with SEO

Increase the number of visitors via Search Engine and use it for business growth


  • Business Analysis (Advanced)
  • Page Structure (Standard)
  • Speed Architecture
  • Modern Design Layout
  • Reconstruct exist site
    +Free Audit

Advanced Management

A model that manages website quality through continuous SEO management (required period of 1 year)

ADD A$1,000~

Advanced Integration

Integration between website and internal process system

Depend on requirement

Price Details ...

Maintenance Cost

Web hosting cost for the best performance of WebSite and additional service cost for customer convenience.


Web Hosting Cost

$100 per year

  • Cloud Web Hosting(included)
  • Cloud Network(included)
  • + Domain Price(not included)

Customer convenience features


  • Contact with Email(Free)
  • Subscribe Blog (Free)
  • More(coming soon)